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It has frequently beencommented that large forms such as sonatas and concertos did not attract Granados.

Enrique Granados: poet of the piano

His artistic personality was bettersuited to shorter, rhapsodic forms, especially those based on variations. In a notation includedin the manuscript of Apariciones-Valses romanticos Granados indicatedthat he considered Apariciones to be a preliminary study for Valsespoeticos : "The first collection of the Valses poeticos was inthis form.

Revise and Publish. The remainder of Apariciones-Valses romanticos, Introduccion: Presto and the waltzeswhich were not subsequently incorporated into Valses poeticos were notpublished.

Valses poeticos was written about , consequently,Granados must have been working on Apariciones previously, probablybetween and This is the first recording of Apariciones-Valsesromanticos. It is impossible toknow the exact date of composition of A la cubana since the manuscriptis not dated. The work was published in , however, by the style of writingGranados must have composed A la cubana sometime earlier, possiblybefore , the year when Spain lost control of Cuba. Granados was highlyinfluenced by the music of Robert Schumann.

Granados and Schumann shared asimilarity of outlook which led each of them to seek the universal within theparticular. Both composers based much of their music on constant alteration ofemotions, brought to life through richly coloured harmonies.

Schumann's Scenesof Childhood , Op. The latter collection, Escenasinfantiles-Miniaturas, recorded here for the first time, was not publishedduring the composer's lifetime. Probably neither collection was intended forchildren to play but rather as recollections of childhood emotions andexperiences. The fifth piece of Cuentos de la juventud, Viniendo de lafuente evokes the time when water was carried from the local fountain tohomes for domestic use.

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Apparently representing a work so poetic and highlycharged in its emotion that it cannot be named, these asterisks were also usedby Granados as a title for several other pieces, most notably a movement of Escenasromanticos Naxos 8. The slightly awkward rhythm of Marcha remindsus of a somewhat lame soldier. Jota from Miel de la Alcarria is a piano soloversion, arranged by the composer, of a section of the incidental music whichGranados composed for the rural melodrama Miel de la Alcarria [Honeyfrom Alcarria] by Jose Feliu y Codina. Jota was probably composed circa Valses poeticos is one of Granados' earliest masterpieces.

Thesub-titles of the individual waltzes were included in the programme of hisfirst performance of Valses poeticos in The subtitles were notincluded, however, in editions of the work published during his lifetime. Description Enrique Granados is one of the most compelling figures of the late-Romantic period in music. During his return voyage to Spain after the premiere of his opera Goyescas in New York, a German submarine torpedoed the ship on which he and his wife were sailing and they perished in the waters of the English Channel.

His death was mourned on both sides of the Atlantic as a stunning loss to the music world, for he had died at the pinnacle of his career and his late works held the promise of greater things to come. While Granados's tragic demise casts a pall over his life story, author Walter Clark reveals an artist of remarkable versatility and individuality and sheds new light on his enduring significance.

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Enrique Granados is one of the most compelling figures of the late-Romantic period in music.