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Those related phenomena are particularly studied in Linguistic Anthropology or Anthropological Linguistics; these two terms are interchangeably used for general sense. The term Linguistic Anthropology used by Duranti, refers to the study of language as cultural resources and speaking as a cultural practice.

Anthropological linguistics : an introduction

Meanwhile, Anthropological Linguistics the term used by Foley, , is that sub-field of linguistics which is concerned with the place of language in its wider social and cultural context, its roles in forging and sustaining cultural practices and social structures. It is highly expected that this book may give valuable information and learning materials to build basic awareness and understanding in this sub-field of Linguistics.

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Anthropological Linguistics: An Overview

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OMILIA 1A - Linguistic Anthropology Lecture Series - Introduction

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Anthropological Linguistics: An Introduction

Social understanding and the inscription of self. In Stigler, J. Gumperz, J. Discourse Strategies. Haas, M.

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Anthropological linguistics: an introduction - Joseph Harold Greenberg - Google книги

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