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    Distinguishing yourself from the competition is important in any facet of business, and the rise of personal branding has evolved specifically to help candidates stand out from the global talent pool.

    Establishing a professional presence with a clear and concise image, reputation, and status is a must, whether you're a new grad or an accomplished executive. Personal marketing has never been more important, and your personal brand should communicate the best you have to offer.


    Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition, leads you step by step through the self-branding process. A personal brand is more than just a business card and a resume.

    Branding Small Business for Dummies

    It should be exquisitely crafted to capture exactly the image you wish to project. Branding For Dummies shows readers how to apply a dynamic brand creation system that includes templates, tools, and time-tested processes, in order to successfully meet business-related objectives.

    Bill Chiaravalle has more than twenty years of involvement creating thousands of brand identity programs. Search Advanced Search. Home Branding for Dummies.

    Branding for Dummies. Description Branding- the process of building a positive impression of a product or company by linking its name or logo with images or feelings- is an essential tool for all businesses.