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You must be logged in to Tag Records. Broken link? Introducing the Masks 2. The Magic Universe 3. The Mythic Universe 4.

The Geometric Universe 5. The Medieval Universe 6. The Infinite Universe 7. The Mechanistic Universe 8. Dance of the Atoms and Waves 9. Fabric of Space and Time What Then is Time? Nearer to the Heart's Desire The Cosmic Tide Do Dreams Come True?

[Popular] Masks of the Universe: Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos Hardcover Collection

The Witch Universe The Spear of Archytas Ultimum Sentiens All That is Made The Cloud of Unknowing Learned Ignorance. Online Table of contents Broken link? In the Library Request this item to view in the Library's reading rooms using your library card. Details Collect From YY Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. Book Summary. The current paradigm of science still rests on ideas that emerged in the Golden Age of Greece, and it has been instrumental in accumulating a great fund of knowledge over the past few centuries. At the same time it has done little to advance our understanding of the creative process, or how living systems are organized and integrated.

This leaves us struggling with an ever burgeoning number of facts and fragments to a jigsaw puzzle, without an overall picture to guide us in their assembly into coherent meaning. While the current paradigm has proved effective at seeking out the pieces, it remains inept at meaningfully integrating the evidence, consistent with the living universe of our common experience. The alternative paradigm presented here employs the vast fund of factual evidence to generate an integrated picture of a more fundamental worldview.

The basic laws of physics become transparent when seen through the lens of new insights into the cosmic order. A new quantum-relativity emerges naturally. This has profound implications for our view of quantum events, atomic structure, the nature of space-time, and cosmology. Since a new paradigm must also be expected to embrace the living structure of experience, it shows specifically how the human nervous system works to integrate meaning, synapse by synapse.

It thus shows how intelligent processes are organized and how they evolve to span and integrate events in space and time. New and more fertile horizons are offered to the whole of science in a way that can breathe life and meaning into our social endeavors. This is not a critique of science, but a science book, based on new inroads into the cosmic order.

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A universal methodology results that both facilitates and require direct intuitive insight into the structural nature of phenomenal experience as it is presented to us in any circumstance. Although it is not itself based on language any number of languages may derive from it in any context.

It cannot be a belief system since it requires direct confirmation in sensory experience of some kind. Earlier perspectives of the cosmic order focused on the interdependence between universal and particular aspects of experience. In this century, quantum and relativity theories have developed as often contradictory solutions to universals that keep intruding into the landscape.

A new option is offered in a shift to perspectives that can offer a more coherent assimilation of the evidence.

Life, Here and Beyond

The result is a synchronous quantum relativity embracing the interdependence of universals and particulars, at all levels of experience from the atom to the cosmos—a new view of the cosmic order. In the process a new class of quantum forces becomes apparent that integrates history by maintaining synchronicity in the ongoing reflux and regeneration of experience.

This timeless universe addresses many questions associated with the quantum of action, including light transmission, relative motion, missing mass, gravitation, electromagnetism, Doppler shift, background radiation, quasars, identity, and other phenomena. This offers a unique approach to formulating a new set of all inclusive precepts for science generally.

There is little need to elaborate. From the first motor car to the moon in a living memory! From the first feeble wireless to global satellite communication! We are probing the heavens, the atom, and the mind to the very frontiers of creation itself, at least so we tell ourselves. If we step back for a broader view of the canvas, however, a strangely inconsistent perspective emerges. Different patches of the landscape clash grotesquely. Some gaping holes have been left untouched; some remain in a state of confusion.

Other scenes have been painted over so many times that the history of development has been lost under layer upon layer going back to antiquity. From our involvement close up we are prone to believe that the incongruities can be glossed over in the modern idiom, a grand unified view emerging in triumph, once and for all. Praise be to man! Is science becoming a religion? Or can the one exist without the other? Our myopic fixation obscures a fundamental reality.

Dark Secrets Of The Cosmos

Our collective knowledge, however immense, is utterly dependent upon a few fragile principles of understanding, very tenuously rooted in our cultural ancestry, and in good measure lost in the misty dawn of recorded history. Moreover, our capacity to alter, develop, create, or discover such underlying precepts is extremely limited. They change only with the tide of history, for they determine the plot as the human story evolves.

These precepts concern the structure of experience itself—the cosmic order. Our power to cope with our experience derives from them, to the extent that our perceptions are consistent with the cosmic order. The cosmic order cannot be deduced through logic or reason, since these capacities of the mind themselves depend upon it. Logic and reason follow on a leash of language to fill out the story accordingly.

Masks of the Universe : Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos -

It is a ponderous path that we tread through time, for the steps that we take can span millennia. We are accustomed to think that the roots of western philosophy, science and mathematics lie nourished in the golden age of Greece. While this may be a milestone in the story, the Greeks in turn found inspiration in cultural developments that had bloomed some two thousand years prior and persisted. The Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt were linked by the Persian Empire to the shores of Greece in the mid sixth century BC, bringing these influences more sharply into focus. There are anomalies in the pattern of course, even where connections between Greece and India seem obvious.

Who could have brought such distinctions into being, if they were not of the very essence of those objects. The Nyaya-Vaisesika, for example, postulates indivisible and super-sensuous particles as the ultimate cause of all the material products found in the universe. He set aside the vagaries of mystical insight into the creative order in favor of deduced conclusions based on assumptions about the nature of phenomena. He granted objective analysis ascendancy over intuitive insight. Through his treatment of syllogistic argument, experience thus became externalized, although this momentous step was to take more than two thousand years to mature.

By identifying essence with the concrete individual object, Aristotle atomized the universe more surely and permanently than Democritus ever could have done, although it is unlikely that he intended the course that ensued. His nexus of four causes, operative through an assumed linear flow of time, completed a general framework for linking up an atomized universe in its all pervasive vessel of space.

Together with subsequent and consistent contributions from Euclid of Alexandria, Archimedes of Syracuse, and Apollonius of Perga, the door was closed on the sacred geometries that had preceded them for two thousand years.

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The plot for events far in the future was outlined in their place. In the East, a causal principle had long since become firmly established, however it bears little resemblance to causality as it developed in the west.