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  2. What Are The Differences Between An Aussie And Kiwi Accent?
  3. English, Maori, and Maori English in New Zealand

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Hardbound — Available Buy now. New Zealand English is currently one of the most researched varieties of English world-wide. This book presents an up-to-date account of all the major aspects of New Zealand English by leading scholars as well as younger specialists in each of the major fields of enquiry. The book is authoritative in its range and represents not only a synopsis of past research, but also new research in many areas of study. It is of interest not just to specialists in regional varieties of English but many of the chapters detail new approaches to the study of dialect phenomena.

How do dialect settings change your writing feedback?

It contains an introduction describing the external history of New Zealand English and the development of the study of New Zealand English. It comes with a full bibliography of work on New Zealand English and is fully indexed. This book is a significant landmark in the study of English varieties and will prove indispensable for anyone who is a student of English and New Zealand English. New Zealand and New Zealand English. The dialectal origins of New Zealand English. New Zealand English across the generations: an analysis of selected vowel and consonant variables.

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Intonation and prosody in New Zealand English. Variation in New Zealand English syntax and morphology. Maori and Pakeha English: a case study. There are other nations speaking English out there. It is the official language in 58 sovereign states and recognised, if not spoken, almost everywhere else. One such place is New Zealand, where we speak a special language.

Well, maybe not just yet. And most importantly, its use in everyday language is on the up. To put it into perspective, the Maori language was actively suppressed for many years after colonisation.


It was banned in schools and pupils were even punished for speaking it. Compare that with today, where by recent accounts there are as many as 1, Maori words used regularly by non-native speakers. Words like waka technically canoe, but often used to describe any motor vehicle , kia ora hello , kai food , puku belly, stomach , and whanau family can now be heard interspersed in everyday Kiwi conversation.

The Maori language is evident in more than just spoken, colloquial language. It is becoming part of the language of NZ officialdom. Take tangata whenua people of the land and iwi tribe for example. The development of Kiwi in this direction is tumeke!

What Are The Differences Between An Aussie And Kiwi Accent?

The use of Maori words and phrases is representative of increased recognition and revival of Maori culture and of demographic and social changes. Even words like jandals flip-flops and togs swimming costume might sound familiar to anyone from the northern hemisphere. So, is NZ English easy for native Englanders to understand? Especially for a tourist faced with words like munted or pakaru broken , dairy off-licence or small supermarket , stoked happy, pleased, relieved and bach small holiday home.

English, Maori, and Maori English in New Zealand

Wellies is the capital city, not protective footwear although wellies will come in handy in Wellies. Root is used mostly to refer to sex. Oh, and watch out for irony.